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Safety is our #1 priority.

Our team’s motto is “Safety First, Quality Second to None".


To ensure we keep our team and clients as safe as possible, we participate in Behavioral Based Safety and Job Safety Analysis Reports daily and on every job. 


We have team Safety Meetings to encourage constant communication of safety awareness throughout our business practices and our safety goal is ZERO recordable incidents each year.  




Environmental Statement

PayZone Energy Service's key focus in the area of protecting the environment and waste management is source reduction/elimination and environmentally sound recycling. Reduction and/or elimination of waste at its source is the key to a sound program. For those products in which elimination is not possible only environmentally sound recycling will be utilized. Some of our main goals are as follows:

  1. To use as few hazardous waste products as possible. 

  2. To replace hazardous waste products with non-hazardous waste products whenever possible. 

  3. To eliminate or alter processes that generate hazardous waste so that hazardous waste is not generated. 

  4. Manage stocks to prevent expiration. 

  5. Ensure that all processes that do generate hazardous waste are designed to ensure that only minimal amounts are generated. 

  6. Ensure that hazardous wastes that are generated are recyclable and/ or returnable to the supplier. PayZone Energy Service's objective is that we generate as little waste as possible and none that requires disposal.

  7. Ensure that only waste generated by PayZone Energy Service's firm at their facility through pre-approved processes is the only waste accepted or located at the facility. (i.e. spent abrasive, paint waste, drums).

  8. Demonstrate a genuine concern for the environment through our actions.

  9. The key is to avoid whenever possible the use of materials that become hazardous waste. We must as well understand that we cannot legally transfer our responsibility for hazardous waste by allowing someone else to dispose of it.

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